'A journey to leave you with ... Odd Shaped Balls!'

28,000km - 29 countries of rugby - $5 per day

'At night I'd wish it was all over. Come morning, I'd wish it had never started....'

G'day folks. The 2011 project is finally put to rest with the release of our first book 'A journey to leave you with ... Odd Shaped Balls!'


Please order your copy today from our new website:



As a memory of our rugby journey, feel free to watch our video.

Want to find out more???

Just in case you have forgotten, or are wondering why on earth two people would decide it was a good idea to cycle instead of fly 30,000km to the Rugby World Cup - check out Our Mission page for details!

Or maybe see what little adventures we have had along the way?! Just click on the below pics for more stories from the road...

"If you are going through hell, keep going."  Winston Churchill

Iran. The truth laid bare...


Inspiration from the rubbish dumps of Pnomh Penh to National Team Captain...

Rugby community re-builds Pakistan...

Land of Fire, City of Wind and not a curry in sight...

24 hrs in hospital, tan lines and a 'Bum from the Slum'...?

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