Who are we?

Jodie and Tom

Yeah, who are we anyway?

It’s not easy describing yourselves, and when actually pushed you have to really think about how honest you need to be. I guess we should use words like “incredible” and “remarkable” but in what context? We are both incredibly interested in sport and other activities, but when performed the results, inevitably, tend to be remarkably average.

So let’s start with Jodie, Billy Burtos, or Little Bill as some refer to her. Incidentally the term Bill or Billy stemmed from her “goat like” attributes on mountains. Now to clear up any confusion, we are not talking about her little beard or hooves (that operation is thankfully now just a distant memory). We are referring to the fact that she excels in situations involving steep hills and appears at ease on the sheerest of cliff faces. On a cycling holiday in Transylvania (highly recommended by the way), the group only ever caught up with Little Bill when she eventually stopped for a graze.

Notible extras about Little Bill include eating peanut butter with a teaspoon, running in the style of a rabbit and grinning like a lunatic every time Ewan McGregor appears on the tv.

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Now onto Tom, Mr Tom, Hud, Hudster, Huddylious (I added that myself) or just plain old Huddo. The names don’t require an awfully long story, and luckily don’t have one. Take your name, add an O on the end. That’s what my friends would call you…. Unless your name is Jim Sadd, or Terry Hawaiifive. They would still call you that, probably behind your back.

Tom used to be great at sport, he can’t recall the exact specifics, nor proof, just why he was so fantastic, but like most amateur rugby players, “talking a good game” in the bar has become one of his favourite activities.

Notible extras about Tom include having a dress sense inspired by failing homeknit businesses, falling asleep in inappropriate places, and for singing so badly that he was asked to play the school organ instead.

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Any question marks over our credentials? Of course not! We haven’t mentioned our attributes yet.

Afterall, we both have PADI advanced open water, an introduction to rock climbing certificate, and we once walked 100km (not quite as far as the Proclaimers) to raise money for the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Granted, it’s not specific training in the “traditional” sense, but even Lance Armstrong himself would not be better prepared to cycle around 30,000km.

Just a quick reminder, we are raising money for 2 great charities, and they need your generosity.

This is the only motivation we need to keep pedalling, and we hope that you will keep up to date with our progress and support us.

Hopefully this little introduction will help you learn something about us, and if you have any questions, please get in touch at Jodieandtom@googlemail.com

Thankyou !!
Jodie and Tom

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