We would like to say a big thankyou to all the corporations that have contributed to our journey. The below have all contributed to either our promotion, fundraising or equipment and we are very thankful to all involved. 

Thanks to all the girls who waited on us at Goodies bar & restaurant, Smiling Hill.

Friday offer 4:30pm-6pm - all beer free.

For the life of me I can't remember what happened after 6pm.....

Thanks to Doug and Mike at Smiling Hill (Batam, Indonesia) for sorting everything during our 1 week stay on the beautiful Indonesian island.

Smiling Hill offers guesthouse accomodation and outstanding investment packages, available to individuals overseas anywhere. E-mail Doug or Mike to find out more or visit their website http://www.batambusiness.com/

 Working Abroad Thanks to Working Abroad.net for powering our official website!
 DHL Logo

To DHL for their incredible assistance when it comes to crossing the sea from Indonesia to Australia and across the Tasman Sea to NZ.

Not easy with two bikes!  Thank you!

 Gilbert To Gilbert for supporting our journey and providing us with vital contacts in the rugby world.
 Power Traveller To the team at Power Traveller who provided us with electricity through Solar Gorilla and Power Gorilla.
To Gapyear.com, for their inspirational ideas.

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